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User Guide

It is now very easy to start a donation campaign with and support the SOS Children's Village Association.

1. Create Account

Create your account by visiting

2. Start Your Campaign

Click the "Start Your Campaign" button and add a title to your campaign. (For example, "I choose to share more at my new age.")

3. Choose Category

Choose the category that best suits to your campaign (Birthday, Challenge…)

4. Campaign Details

Add details such as the duration of your campaign, the targeted donation amount and the campaign image, and click the "Confirm" button.

5. Share

Your campaign is now ready! You can announce your campaign by sharing it on your social media account.

6. Track

With the counter on your campaign page, you will be able to track the amount of donations you have collected and see who contributed.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Click on the “Start your campaign” button.
  • Fill in the mandatory parts on the page that opens.
  • Your campaign is ready! You can share your campaign with your friends and raise funds until you reach the donation goal you have determined.

You will need your credit card or paypal account to make donate to the existing campaigns. Go to the campaign page you want to support and click the “donate” button. You can then donate by selecting the payment method and the amount of donation you want.

The amount of your donation and your name will be visible if you confirm. It is also possible to donate anonymously.

The revenues from the campaigns created are directly transferred to SOS Children’s Village Association bank accounts.

You can become our donor by coming to our facilities in Nicosia and Kyrenia, by text message service, by our official web site ( and by bank transfer.

On birthdays and special occasions, you can create a campaign to challenge yourself or others, celebrations and greetings or corporate social responsibility.

You can encourage people around you to donate by sharing the link to your campaign with your friends and via your social media account.

You can create a donation campaign from anywhere that you have internet access.

Donations for campaigns made on this site are one-time donations. You can visit our official website for information about regular donation options.